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Redemption 2011

E21 would like to thank everyone who joined us for our successful showing at Redemption this year!
The Master of the Universe Quiz and the Air Band were particular successes, while the Purple Team aced the Bit of Bully game and despite
technical difficulties, the Dalek timetrials seemed to go down well!
The E21 Air Band was a phenominal success at the disco and THANKS LOADS to the DJ who was a complete star, turning up to the rehearsal and playing our songs

Odyssey 2010

Eclectic21 would like to thank Guest of Honour Iain M Banks for his participation in the Whisky Tasting on Saturday afternoon.
whisky tasting
Click on the whisky glass for photos


Eclectic21 co-organiser, Maddy, and photographer, Simon, helped out at TellyNation 2006 in Swindon.
One highlight of the convention was the Eclectic21-based programme item, The Mother Of All Quizzes, attended by
attendees, crew and consultants alike.

Photos from TellyNation can be found here


What is Eclectic 21?

E21 was a convention that ran in Leicester in 2001. It covered all fandoms, all media and all genres.

With guests such as Mike Billington, Jacqueleine Pearce, Ed Bishop and Storm Constantine, an amazing and intimate weekend was had by all.
Despite being a critical success, the convention made a financial loss and was unable to run a second time.

Until the wonderful Production Crew of Cult TV invited us aboard to run an alternate programme stream within their already extension programme of events.
We support any fandom, any show, any genre, we are a slash friendly con who determine "to put the fun back into fandom". 

On this newly designed website you'll find photos and memories of Eclectic 21 and Cult TV.

Enjoy!  And feel free to mail me at for more info, to comment on the site, etc etc.


Meet the Eclectic 21 Crew


We at Eclectic hope you have a GREAT time with us, wherever you come across us, and hope to see you soon!

elfin, Sue, John, Simon & Jonny5